Customizable Intake Forms

Fully customizable and completely dynamic forms at your fingertips.
Generate intake forms in minutes.

The Form

Intake forms let you streamline the transaction creation process without having to chase down information from your agents.

Every intake form has dynamic conditionals so that it generates the fields, contacts, and documents you need it to collect.

Fields, Contacts, & Documents

Every intake form can be set up to be completely dynamic (whereas it can add or remove fields, contacts, and documents) based on the answers provided in the questions.

For example, you may want to add the field "Purchase Price" if the answer provided is "Buyer".

On the other hand, you may want to remove specific fields if the answer provided is "Seller" and then generate a field called "List Price".

One form can have a million dynamic options - there is no limit to what your forms can generate.

Layout & Design

You can stylize your intake forms to have a default design or make your forms completely dynamic to match the branding of your agents and their brokerage.


Every intake form has the power to fire off triggers.

You can set up triggers to execute when the form has been submitted by your agent or if the form has been approved internally by your staff.

Some of the actions triggers can perform:
Automatically send emails
Automatically send text messages
Add or remove templates
Add or remove fields


Conditionals are pure magic!

You can use conditionals to automatically add and remove fields, contacts, and documents as requirements in the form.

As someone fills in the form, the form can dynamically adapt - this way, you just get the information you need and nothing else.