Automate Your Workflow

Process transactions in 90% less time using our state of the art automation tools.
Build highly flexible and dynamic workflows that think for you.


Easily create automated triggers that can send emails, text messages, or perform actions such as adding or removing templates, adding or removing fields, etc.

We are always adding more triggers so that you can automate everything in your transaction workflow.

Smart Blocks

Our smart block technology can add or remove content from emails and text messages so that your communication is fully dynamic, yet highly conversational and natural sounding.

Imagine being able to add or remove entire blocks of text in an email, only if certain conditions are met.

Smart blocks are so powerful that you can minimize your total email template count by 75%.

Scheduled Emails

You can schedule emails to automatically send at the day and time you've pre-determined.

Set it, forget it, and we'll send it!


One-sheets give you the capability to keep everyone engaged and in the loop.

Create beautiful reports that can be scheduled for delivery however often you've determined - daily, weekly, monthly, etc

Every one-sheet can be custom tailored to display only the details, documents, contacts, tasks, design and layout that you need for the transaction.

API Calendar Date Sync

Easily add transaction dates to your API calendar (Google or Outlook) without having to leave Open To Close.

You can also send calendar date invitations to any contact inside of your transaction.