Streamline Your Transactions

Open To Close is packed with features and functionality that have been specifically designed to make you and your team more productive to put time and money back into your pocket.

Connect Your Google Account

Easily send and receive emails, sync your calendars, import attachments, upload files to Google drive, sync your contacts, all from inside of Open To Close.

Connect Your Outlook Account

Just like our Google integration, you can send and receive emails, sync your calendars, import attachments, sync your contacts, all from inside of Open To Close.

Dotloop Integrated

Easily import your Loops from your Dotloop account.

Import Loop details, contacts, documents, placeholders, and everything else with ease. No copy and paste!

Dropbox File Storage

Upload and download files directly from your Dropbox account into your transactions and listings.

Accept Payments

Accept payments inside of your Open To Close account using Stripe. You can also create invoices and accept pre-payments.

Fyi, Quickbook is on the way!

Automation & Triggers

Easily create automation triggers which can send emails, text message, or perform actions during any stage of the transaction.

Smart Blocks & Smart Groups

Dynamically add or remove content to any email or text message.

You now have AI at your fingertips.

Customizable Intake Forms

Create intake forms for any type of scenario: transaction, listings, pre-listing, new client, rentals, etc.

Say goodbye to copy and paste. Intake forms are fully integrated directly into Open To Close so that you never have to use another external form system.

Agent & Client Portals

Your agents have a fully featured portal to submit transactions and listings, manage their vendors, and even send payments directly to you.

Agents can also create table segments to track their properties as they move to the closing table.

Give your buyers, seller, mortgage, or any one the capability to monitor a transaction.

Easily assign roles to permit access to specific parts of the transactions (e.g. documents, contacts, dates, etc).

Inbound & Outbound Calling

Fully integrated Twilio dialer gives you the tools to make & receive phone calls directly from Open To Close.

You have a full log of all phone communication complete with date, time, contact, and recording.

Document Management

Managing documents during a transaction can be a full time job - Open To Close make it much, much easier.

You can:

Add custom buttons
Merge and split documents
Email documents
Receive documents via email
Much more...

Scale Your Team

Go it alone or create an entire organization of users.

You can assign application permission, designate task responsibilities, and have control over your entire transaction process.

Contact Management (CRM)

Our CRM helps you organize your contacts for maximum efficiency.

Also, can easily send emails, text messages, and make phone calls as well as track all communication in and out of Open To Close.

Widget Dashboard

Our widget dashboard gives you the ability to see exactly what you want to see at a glance.

We're always building out new widgets so that you can segment your transactions, contacts, files, etc.

Customizable Tables

Segment your transactions, listing, contacts, and everything else.

Easily build tables and segments with custom filtering, date range, and user permissions.

Global File Storage

Open To Close provides a secure global file storage system for all of your documents.

Easily, upload, download, retrieve, as well as add documents to your outgoing communication.

Here's what we're currently working on...

Mobile App

Zapier Integration

API Endpoints (Build Your Own Integrations)

Quickbooks Integration