Completely Customizable

Every feature inside of Open To Close is fully customizable.
Design the perfect system for you and your team.

Customizable Fields

Create any type of field that you need so that you can properly manage your transactions.

Every field automatically creates a merge field that can used inside of your email and text templates.

You can create the following field types:
     Choice (dropdown menu w/ options)

Say goodbye to jamming transaction details into the wrong fields "just to make it work".

You now have total control of your transactions!

Email & Text Templates

Create fully dynamic email and text templates which use merge fields, smart blocks, contact roles, and files roles.

Automatically add contacts to the email, pull in files, and replace merge fields from the transaction details.

Dynamically generate email and text content rather than writing it by hand.

Task Templates

Task templates are one of the main powerhouses of Open To Close.

Tasks keep you on track so that you always know what you need to do.

Set up tasks to automatically send emails or texts when they are completed.

Tasks can also send you notifications if they are past due.

Property Templates

Property templates give you the ability to stack multiple templates together so that you can apply them all at the same time.

For example, you may want to add a field template, 2 document templates, a trigger template, and 3 task templates all at once - now you can!

Inbound & Outbound Calling

Fully integrated Twilio dialer gives you the tools to dial & receive phone calls directly inside of Open To Close.

Every phone call is logged complete with date, time, contact, and audio recording.

Document Management

Managing documents during a transaction can be a full time job - Open To Close make it much, much simpler.

You can:
Add custom buttons
Merge and split documents
Email documents
Receive documents via email
Organize inside of folders
Much more...

Team User Permissions

Easily assign global permissions, task responsibilities, and assign who is responsible for what inside of the transaction.

Contact Management

Easily create, update, merge, and manage your contacts inside of Open To Close.

Every contact record has the tools to send emails, text messages, and make phone calls. You can also add notes, assign a lead source, group, track transactions assigned to the contact, and much more...

Customizable Tables & Segments

Easily segment your transactions, listing, and contacts.

Every table and segment has custom filtering, table columns, date ranges, and user permissions.